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Urea 46

Urea, a white crystalline solid containing 46% nitrogen, is widely used in the agricultural and industrial.

Industrial Products

Polyvinyl Chloride

Polyvinyl chloride is the world's third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymerThe rigid form of PVC is used in construction for pipe and in profile applications such as doors and windows.


Polystyrene is a synthetic aromatic hydrocarbon polymer made from the monomer known as styrene. Polystyrene can be solid or foamed. General-purpose polystyrene is clear, hard, and rather brittle. It is an inexpensive resin per unit weight

Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium hydroxide in solid form, also called caustic soda, is an inorganic chemical compound belonging to the strongest alkali. In solid form, it is a white substance with crystalline appearance (flakes).It has hygroscopic properties. It is perfectly soluble in water, forming corrosive soda lye , which is accompanied by the release of significant amounts of heat.


Polyethylene or polythene is the most common plastic in use today. It is a polymer, primarily used for packaging. As of 2017, over 100 million tonnes of polyethylene resins are being produced annually, accounting for 34% of the total plastics market.

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