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aerial top view oil thanker ship and LPG gass full speed in green sea transportation from

Petroturk is professional and well experienced in logistic sector, We provide uninterrupted service to all of the world with Train, Trucks, Container and Vessel services, especially in the Middle East, ICS Countries and East Asia. Your shipments are organized with us, economically, quickly and reliably.

We are Specialist to carry such petrochemical products, LPG. Ammonia, Urea, Sulfur,  Butene-1  and polymers.


Railway Logistic

Railway Freight transports  to East Asian countries , ICS countries and Europe countries and is also  with the Railway Administrations of these countries and the "Forwarder" companies in these countries. We provide railway network logistic services to our customers from almost every possible point for International Transport and from ports with railway connection. The said transports are carried out with all open, closed and silo wagons owned by the Railways.


Truck Logistic

Truck transport calls upon the skills of numerous professionals, perfectly qualified for their job and required to carry out various tasks, such as:

  • Loading and unloading;

  • Handling (mechanized or manual);

  • Transporting goods via road infrastructures.

Truck transport is governed by strict regulations, pertaining to both the truck drivers and the goods transported. One of the regulations stipulates the authorized driving time. Indeed, drivers are obliged to make regular breaks. This, added to high fuel costs, directly impacts the appeal of truck transport compared to its competitors (sea freight and rail freight particularly).


provides regular port to port services, presents fast, qualified and economic options for your air and sea loads. We adopts customer-oriented thinking as a principle, proves itself in the market with its reliable door to door / port to door / door to port / port to port services.



  • Exports and imports, FCL/LCL container transportation

  • Regular and weekly departures

  • Pre-carriage & On-carriage transportations

  • Warehousing and depot solutions

  • Procurement of special equipment

  • Domestic & International Customs and insurance

  • Combined sea-air-road-rail transport services


ISO Tank

We do chemical and liquid transportation. We store ISO tank containers and prepare them for our customers. For dangerous liquids gives service with its own ISO tank containers and its worldwide tank agencies. 


  • Cleaning and Certificating

  • Inspection and Repairs

  • Empty & Laden Iso Tank Storage

  • Bonded & Free Storage Terminals

  • Fleet Service Management Control

  • Insurance & Claims Administration

  • Customs Clearance of Foreign Flag Containers

  • Gas Free Certificating

  • Long Term & Short Term Volume Contracts

Iso Tank
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