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A four-component grade with medium phosphorus and high potassium and sulphur. It is a perfect fertilizer on soils with medium and high fertility by phosphorus and low fertility by potassium and sulphur. In case of soils with a neutral and faintly alkaline reaction, plants absorb more phosphorus from the fertilizer due to the narrow phosphorus/sulphur ratio, which ensures the maximum positive interaction between these fertilizer elements. It is effectively applied for all crops. It is an excellent grade for rapeseed and other oilseeds. It is also suitable for soybeans with high seed yields of up to 6 t/ha, when nitrogen fertilizers are required.

NPK(S) 12-15-21(8)

    • Nitrogen (N) : 12%
    • Phosphate (P2O5) : 15%
    • Potassium (K2O): 21%
    • Sulphure (S) : 8%
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