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Nutrient demand in cereals

Nutrient demand in cereals

Nutrient demand in cereals





The plant has practically absorbed all the nitrogen units contributed during the planting






nascencia - godson

Application of complex fertilisers

Supplement nutrition with the application of nitrogen fertilisers


Before planting it is necessary to adjust the levels of nutrients contained in the soil, providing elements that may be deficient, such as phosphorus and potassium, and covering the nitrogen needs that the crop may demand during its early stages. In addition, phosphorus must always be provided before sowing in poor soils in this element, because the cultivation in its early stages of development is especially sensitive to its lack, being able to originate plants with poor rooting and stunted development.

For this reason, fertilization during the sowing phase is usually done by applying complex NPK fertilizers. These fertilizers allow to balance and correct the soil content in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and other macro and micronutrients,

and make the most of its effects thanks to the synergies for the joint application of nutrients.


After the germination and nascence phases of the crop, the nitrogen contributed to the soil through the sowing fertilizer has been transformed into nitrate and has been almost completely absorbed by the plant.

That is why it is recommended, during the godson or beginning of the framing, to make at least one new contribution of nitrogen fertilizers that allow to optimize the efficiency of this nutrient and provide the plant with sufficient nitrogen until the end of the cycle.

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